Animated Timeline Shows Bestselling Music Acts Of Past 50 Years


An animated timeline of the bestselling music acts of the past 50 years is captivating millions of fans.

The nearly 10-minute video was created by U.S.-based YouTube user Data is Beautiful, a self-proclaimed “first-year PhD student data geek who enjoys making visualizations as a hobby.”

The timeline has been viewed more than 3.5 million times in its first six days online.

Acts from Elvis to Ed Sheeran are ranked using data for album sales, airplay, digital sales and streaming. Canadians like Shania Twain, Céline Dion and Drake figure prominently.

Data is Beautiful has created and shared dozens of similar animated timelines, including ones for the "Most Popular Music Styles 1910 to 2019" and the "Most Popular Websites 1996 to 2019," that have garnered nearly 100 million views.

Watch the timeline below: