Azealia Banks Attacks Nicki Minaj Over Doja Cat Collaboration


Rapper Azealia Banks went after Nicki Minaj on Monday for collaborating with Doja Cat on “Say So.”

In an Instagram Story marathon, Banks had some strong words for Minaj. “For all the f**king mouth you have for Cardi B for talking s**t about black women, now you quiet because you got your little number one with this white bi**h.”

Doja Cat, who has identified herself as “a black woman,” apologized this week after allegations on social media that she participated in racist video chats and, in 2015, wrote a song with a racial slur.

Banks slammed Minaj for putting Doja Cat on a record.

“You a p***y a** b***h for that,” she fumed. “You should've … put that bitch down in the ground where the f***k she belongs. Put that b***h down in the f**king South African emerald mine where the f**k that white b***h belongs.

“Now I’m looking back at it, you was just jealous of Cardi. You was just jealous because she's got more swag than you.”

Banks added: “All that s**t you talk about female rap and female this and female that, look at you selling out, keeping quiet.”

In her Instagram clips, Banks also called Cardi B “trash,” alleged that she had a tryst with comedian Dave Chappelle (“I should ruin your f**king marriage”), claimed that actor Adrian Grenier is closeted and attacked Dave East for allegedly asking for $25,000 to appear on her 2018 remix of “Pyrex Princess.”

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