B.C. Girl Who Sang For P!NK Debuts Original Song


The Vancouver girl who went viral after she serenaded P!nk in front of thousands of fans last year has released a song of her own.

Victoria Anthony debuted “Without You,” which she co-wrote with Vancouver songwriter-producer Troy Samson.

“No matter what you did / Now matter what you said / I just want a second to hold you,” Anthony sings. “Now I’m wondering who I’m going to be without you.”

“I don’t want to live like this / I just want one more kiss / For you to hold my hand / To do all that you can / Come back to me.”

Anthony said the song will resonate with people in different ways because it could be about the loss of a loved one or the end of a relationship.

“But for me, this song was inspired by how I felt about my grandma who was suffering from breast cancer,” she explained, via email. “I was sad, kept thinking what life would be like without her, but I was also a bit angry because I couldn’t believe that she was possibly going to leave me. Not that she had a choice, but it just didn’t feel fair.

“I’m happy to report she is doing well now.”

Anthony was just 12 when she caught the eye of P!nk at her concert in Vancouver last May. She had campaigned on social media for a chance to share the spotlight with the pop superstar.

Anthony belted out an a cappella version of “Perfect” to cheers from the crowd and praise from P!nk. “You’re amazing,” she told Anthony. “Wow, how do you follow that?”

P!nk also apparently told Anthony to “never stop."

Anthony said she plans to release two more singles in the coming months.

“I have since written many other songs and find inspiration from various things that I am feeling or going through,” she explained, “but my style is definitely to take my experience and make sure that anyone else listening can find their own way to relate to it as I want my music to help everyone.”

Listen to “Without You” below: