Blues Traveler Bus Crashes On Minnesota Highway


“Bus just crashed!!”

Those are the terrifying words musician John Popper posted to Facebook on Thursday morning after a tour bus carrying Blues Traveler crashed on its way to Rochester, Minnesota for a concert on Friday.

“Dunno what’s going on everything hurts…i think we’re stuck on the bus we’re all going to get checked but we’re still trying to get f**king door open,” wrote the 54-year-old singer.

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Popper added: “Got door open…gtf off the bus ribs hurt Mateo dislocated shoulder everything exploded. Rode in ambulance…they tried putting my neck in a brace & I got nausious (sic) & dizzy & started feinting (sic) so I’m in the hospital.”

The band posted a statement about the accident on its Facebook page. “This morning our tour bus went off the road and crossed the median. Thankfully we are all safe and have only sustained minor injuries,” it reads. “Our sincere gratitude to the Winona MN, Police Department and Rescue Crew for their help getting us safely off the highway and out of oncoming traffic.”

Popper followed-up with “all looking good” after undergoing tests at the hospital. Well, except for one thing. “My blood sugar is ridiculously high.”

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