Britney Spears Deletes Shocking Claim About Ex Business Managers


Britney Spears deleted an Instagram post on Wednesday in which she accused her former business managers of trying to kill her.

The pop star slammed Lou Taylor and Robin Greenhill of Tri Star Sports and Entertainment Group, which was hired by her father Jamie Spears after he was named her conservator.

“My dad worshipped those two women and would have done anything they asked of him,” Spears wrote, referring to Taylor and Greenhill. “I think they were trying to kill me … I still to this very day believe that’s EXACTLY what they were trying to do … but not a damn thing was wrong with me and I didn’t die !!!!”

Spears vowed to “sue the s**t out of Tri Star !!!! Psss they got away with all of it and I’m here to warn them every day of my precious life !!!!”

The post disappeared shortly after a lawyer for the company responded in a statement that Spears’ claims are “entirely false, as well as highly offensive, damaging and unacceptable.”

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Tri Star stepped away from its role in 2020, a year before a judge freed Spears from the conservatorship she had been under since 2008.

Last June, Spears testified that her father and "my management who played a huge role in punishing me when I said no ... should be in jail."

In last year’s documentary Controlling Britney Spears, Taylor and Greenhill are accused of working with Jamie and a security firm to monitor Britney’s phone and bedroom during the conservatorship. Tri Star denied any wrongdoing.

Spears’ lawyer Mathew Rosengart has called on Taylor and Greenhill to give depositions under oath, describing the claims in the documentary as a “shocking violation of [Spears’] privacy rights and civil liberties.”

After deleting her rant, Spears posted a video clip showing her aboard a private jet “headed to a tropical destination” and pondering getting Botox. “The last time I did it my eyebrow was raised like the funny girl in the movie Just Go With It !!!! For 3 weeks it wouldn’t come down, it stayed up there !!! Lol Sounds funny but it actually wasn’t !!! I thought it was permanent … I mean I’m surprised people don’t sue.”

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