Britney Spears Gives Canada's Jesse Cook A Boost On Instagram


Britney Spears inadvertently gave Toronto musician Jesse Cook a boost this week by posting a video on Instagram that features his track “Café Mocha.”

According to Cook's publicist, the song had 2 million streams in a 24-hour period.

Spears, who has 25 million followers on the platform, used Cook's track from his 2007 album Frontiers in a clip showing her doing yoga on a beach.

She captioned it: “I am missing this !!!!! There is nothing like yoga on the beach .... just the sound of the waves  makes me so serene !!!!! You should try it if you are able to safely …. we as people are all filled with so much anxiety ….. taking a moment to breathe truly helps …. just know we are all in this together !!!!”

It's not the first time Spears has featured Cook's music.

“I’m flattered,” the guitarist said, in a release. “I love that she keeps posting my music. We’re clearly in very different music genres, and it’s pretty cool when a big pop icon like Britney starts posting your songs.” (For the record, Cook's favourite Spears song is "Toxic.")

Cook previously got extra social media attention when fellow Canadian artist Shawn Mendes started following him on Instagram. “Suddenly I had a huge spike in interest from 13-year old girls,” he recalled. “They were disappointed when they realized I didn’t have any photos of Shawn to post. Eventually, it tapered off.”

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