Carrie Underwood Asks Fans To Settle Donut Debate


Carrie Underwood’s husband Mike Fisher evidently forgot he was born and raised in the land of Tim Hortons.

The country superstar took to Twitter on Saturday to ask her 8.3 million followers to settle a debate she was having with Fisher, who hails from Ontario.

“We need your help. Question: are donuts breakfast or dessert? I say breakfast and only breakfast,” Underwood tweeted. “Mike says they’re never breakfast and only allowed as dessert. What do you think?”

The singer included a poll and, by the time voting ended, a whopping 78.9 percent of the 95,557 votes supported Underwood.

Early Monday, she tweeted: “In your face @mikefisher1212” along with a baker’s dozen of donut emojis.

But, did Underwood ask the right question? Many people replied to her tweet to point out donuts can be both breakfast and dessert.

Others stood firmly behind Underwood. “Definitely breakfast,” tweeted one. “You don't go to a restaurant and see donuts on the dessert menu, but you can get them as breakfast at breakfast places.”

Another opined: “Absolutely breakfast. I’ve never had a meal and been like mmm yes time for a donut.”

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