Carrie Underwood Celebrates Feasting In 'Stretchy Pants'


Carrie Underwood celebrates holiday over-indulging in her fun new song “Stretchy Pants.”

“I got my stretchy pants on / Spandex and Lycra, you better work it for me / Cause I'm about to expand this band of elasticity,” the country star sings. “So bring on the turkey, potatoes, casserole dishes / ‘cause I ain't messing around with them buttoned-up britches.”

A portion of the proceeds from the track will go to Brad Paisley’s not-for-profit grocery store to help families in need.

“Everybody should be able to afford feasts for the holidays, and everybody should have the opportunity to break out those stretchy pants,” Underwood said, in a release.

The 38-year-old singer, who has two young sons with Canadian husband Mike Fisher, said she and co-writers Hillary Lindsey and Chris DeStefano wanted a song that would “bring a lot of fun and joy to people.”

She explained: “People know that I am a champion for a healthy lifestyle, but a big part of that is balance. There are times to be disciplined, and then there are times when we need to eat and drink and be merry and enjoy ourselves with family and friends.”

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