Céline Dion Pleads With Drake Not To Get Tattoo Of Her Face


Céline Dion is pleading with Drake not to add her face to his collection of tattoos.

“Please Drake, I love you very much,” Dion told iHeartRadio host Patrick Langlois. “Can I tell you something? Don’t do that.”

When Drake met Dion backstage at the 2017 Billboard Music Awards, he told her he was “like a year away from a Céline tat” and gestured to the left side of his torso, where he has two portraits of singer Sade inked. Dion only said “I don’t know…”

It’s not clear if Drake was serious or not – in addition to Sade, he’s got Rihanna and Aaliyah tattooed on his body –  but a shirtless pic he shared on Instagram this past May shows no obvious signs of the beloved French-Canadian singer.

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During a recent round of rapid-fire questions, Dion was asked whose face she would get tattooed on her body. She used the opportunity to address Drake directly and list things he can do instead.

“You can write me love letters, you can send me autographs for my kids, you can come and visit,” she told the rap superstar. “I can have you home for lunch or dinner, we can go for a drink. We can sing together. Whatever you want to do. I can talk to your mother.”

Dion also warned Drake about the effects aging would have on a tattoo. “My face will go longer and it will go not prettier,” she cautioned. “So please don’t tattoo. If you do it, just do a fake one so you can change your mind.”

Dion and Drake can talk tats while she is home in Canada to kick off her Courage tour. On Wednesday, she will perform the first of three concerts in Quebec City and then will do six nights in Montreal and a pair of shows in Ottawa. Dion is scheduled to play Toronto on Dec. 9 and 10 and will be in Vancouver, Edmonton, Saskatoon and Winnipeg next April.

Dion has also just released “Courage,” the title track of her 12th English studio album, out in November.

Watch Céline Dion's full message to Drake below:

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