Céline Dion Promotes Canadian COVID-19 App


Céline Dion took to Twitter on Thursday to promote the Canadian government’s COVID-19 exposure notification app.

The Quebec-born singer shared a link to download the app and told her 913,000 followers: “Most of us are feeling pandemic fatigue but it’s so important to follow public health guidelines, physical distance & wear masks. If you’re in Canada please download the #covidalert app. Let’s all keep each other safe.”

Dion also tweeted in French.

Not surprisingly, reactions to Dion’s appeal were mixed.

“As much as I love her, I do find these type of messages from celebs insulting,” read one reply. “Yes we know what’s going on, yes we know what to do, but don’t dictate to us, when you are sitting in your huge mansions with butlers or in this case in a farm in the middle of nowhere with assistants.”

Another response read: “Elitist paying elitists into telling us peasants what do to about COVID. That’s what’s i am tired fatigued about.”

Some were appreciative. “Thank you for using your voice to promote this, Ms Dion!,” read one reply. Another read: “I’m in Sweden but I going to doing a Retweet now to all my Twitter friends in Canada!”

One fan suggested a way Dion could do more. “A rendition of 'My Mask Will Stay On' would be lovely,” they wrote.

Last month, the Canadian government said there had been a little more than 5.7 million downloads of the app.

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