CHVRCHES Shares 'How Not To Drown' Ft. Robert Smith


Scottish band CHVRCHES announced Wednesday its fourth studio album, titled Screen Violence, will drop Aug. 27.

The news came with the release of “How Not to Drown,” which features the Cure frontman Robert Smith, as well as details of a U.S. tour that kicks off in November.

Screen Violence is the first new collection of music from CHVRCHES since 2018’s Love Is Dead.

CHVRCHES member Martin Doherty took to Twitter on Wednesday to share a personal message with fans. He recalled sitting in a corner of a venue feeling “depressed, anxious, isolated” creating a demo that became “How Not to Drown.”

Doherty added: “This isn’t something I like to talk about publicly because it doesn’t define me and, for the most part, I’m not sure people need or want to hear it … since I was a teenager, I’ve dealt with crippling depression and anxiety. Writing music has been my escape. An obsession. A way to leave my body behind and disconnect from whatever is going on in my head.”

The musician described the debut of “How Not to Drown” as “the protest moment of my life in music” and “confirmation that even when things seem like they’re at their worst, something good can grow.”

He added: “If you feel like giving up, don’t.”

Listen to “How Not to Drown” below:

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