Courtney Love Slams Offer From OxyContin Heiress


Courtney Love reportedly turned down a generous offer from OxyContin heiress Joss Sackler to appear at her New York Fashion Week show on Monday, calling it “shameless and offensive.”

The 55-year-old rocker, who had a long battle with opioid addiction, told the New York Post: “I am one of the most famous reformed junkies on the planet [and] my husband died on heroin. What is it about me that says to Joss Sackler, ’I will sell out to you?’ Well I won’t.”

Love claimed Sackler offered her $100,000 U.S., hair and make-up, car service and a custom dress from Sackler’s LBV collection.

The Post quoted a spokesperson for Sackler as saying: “This is not accurate. Courtney Love is not attending. I can’t comment any further.”

The family of Sackler’s husband David owns Purdue Pharma, which manufactures OxyContin and is currently facing class-action lawsuits worth billions that accuse the company of profiting from the opioids epidemic.

“I never would take their money,” Love fumed. “Joss is delusional, talking about her fashion line and private members club, their ‘philanthropical arm.’ What about instead giving money to rehab facilities, paying for Narcan or creating a non-addictive painkiller?”

Love was front-row at the Sies Marjan show on Sunday.