Darius Rucker Recalls Being Pulled Over By Police In Canada


Darius Rucker said on Wednesday he and two members of Rascal Flatts were pulled over by police while driving a golf cart after a concert in Canada.

In a TikTok video, the singer shared a memory from his time on the road with Rascal Flatts.

“We were playing Toronto and we were walking out of the back, walking to our buses, and I was walking with Joe Don [Rooney] and Gary [LeVox], and they said they saw a golf cart,” Rucker recalled.

(Rucker could be mistaken about the city – he was the opening act on Rascal Flatts’ American Living Unstoppable Tour in 2010, which stopped in London, Ottawa and Hamilton.)

“So, sure enough, we grabbed it, we were driving out, and all of a sudden Gary decided we were gonna go across the street, across the highway in this golf cart. And so, we go across the highway, and as soon as we go across the highway, we see the red lights. We get hit with the red lights, with the blue lights.

“We're getting arrested, we're getting pulled over. We're getting pulled over in the golf cart, the cop wants to arrest us. And, the funniest thing about the whole thing is the cop stops us, and me and Joe Don did the ol' ‘pretend that we're not there' thing. We just got out of the golf cart and started walking back, we were leaving Gary right there. He was going to jail by himself, we were out of there.”

Rucker said nobody was, in fact, arrested that night but added “that was one of the few nights of my life I thought I really was going to jail.”

Rucker’s TikTok video was shared on the Twitter account of Rascal Flatts.


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