David Bowie's Ex-Wife Angie Slams 'Stardust'


David Bowie‘s ex-wife Angie has slammed last year’s film Stardust as “a total waste of time” and “more dreary than a one-star documentary.”

Billed as “mostly fiction,” the movie tells the story of Bowie’s first trip to the U.S., which inspired his alter ego Ziggy Stardust. The singer, who died in 2016, is portrayed by Johnny Flynn.

“It was boring,” Angie told The Mirror. “I didn’t find it entertaining at all. David would have never watched it.”

Stardust, filmed in Toronto in the summer of 2019, was made without the blessing of Bowie’s estate and, therefore, does not include any of his songs.

“Bowie was a musician,” said Angie, who is played in the movie by Jenna Malone. “And where was the music?

“The only people who would watch it are people who are obsessed with celebrities.”

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