Doja Cat Says New Music Will Be 'Very Different'


Doja Cat says that what she has coming up next will be "very different compared to everything I have done."

Since she released her last album, 2021's massive Planet Her, she has said that she's giving up music entirely, teased a rock phase, expressed interest in making '90s German rave music, and promised a "rap only" album called Hellmouth. But now all of that seems to be tossed out the window.

In a new interview with V Magazine, the shapeshifting pop/rap star admits she is no longer willing to compromise on her artistic vision.

“I have thrown fits my whole career because I have been making music that didn’t allow me to have a mental release," she tells V. "I have been making music that is palatable, marketable and sellable, that has allowed me to be where I am now.

"Now I am making music that allows me to express how she feels about the world around me," she continues. “These upcoming projects are going to be very different compared to everything I have done and I am excited about that. I do not care if people are not.”

Although she didn't elaborate on what genre she is leaning towards with her next project, she said the music will focus more on how she feels more than a particular sound.

“I do not consider myself a rock star. I have made pop music. I’m currently making rap, soul and R&B music with jazz elements. But this is a representation of how I feel," she says. "When I wear black, when I wear metal, or very scantily clad outfits... it's all a representation of how angry, liberated and sexual I am."

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