Dr. Dre Reacts To T-Pain Rant About New Hip Hop


Dr. Dre has weighed in on T-Pain's expletive-filled rant about the lack of originality in contemporary hip hop.

"Shoutout to @tpain!! I’m here laughing my f**kin a** off, but he’s right,” he wrote on Instagram on Wednesday. “I know and feel exactly what you’re saying.”

During a recent Twitch stream, T-Pain made a passionate plea for aspiring rappers to do better.

“You know when your s**t sounds like somebody else’s s**t. You’re making it because you’re in the studio like, ‘What’s the No. 1 record right now? We need to make another one of those.’ Stop doing that! Stop! You’re not original,” he fumed.

“Give me some original s**t. Stop! Just, f**king do something else! … Do some different music! We have all the s**t that you’re doing. We already have it: Lil Uzi Vert is already doing it, Lil Baby is already doing it, DaBaby is already doing it. It’s literally two n****s with ‘Baby’ in their names that’s already doing all the music you want!

“Do something else! That’s it! That’s all we want!”

T-Pain, 36, said artists send him unoriginal music “and then get mad when I don’t like it.”

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Reactions to his rant on social media prompted T-Pain to respond on Twitter.

“I undrstnd not every1 likes me and may not agree with my opinions but by all means don’t make up dumb s**t like ‘he just mad because he ain’t got no hits’ I’m in all different genres,” he tweeted on Wednesday.

“Got 2 legit Grammies (sic) in the last 3 years and got a song out rn that’s top 15 on radio in the US.” (According to the Recording Academy, T-Pain’s two Grammys were won in 2007 and 2009.)

T-Pain added: “I’m not explaining myself I just don’t like ppl being content with being stupid and uninformed. If some rando talked s**t on your page you’d look up all their SM pages to see what dirt you can get  just do a little research before you think you hittin me wit somethin.”