Drake Shades The Beatles With New Tattoo


Drake boasted that he’s “got more slaps than The Beatles” on Meek Mill’s “Goin’ Bad” – so it shouldn’t come as a surprise that he’s inked his achievement onto his body.

The Toronto rap star’s collection of body art now includes a tattoo on his left forearm that depicts him holding up his hand to the Fab Four, who appear in formation à la Abbey Road.

It’s clearly Drake’s way of commemorating the fact that he’s broken several Billboard records set by The Beatles. Last year, he had 12 tracks in the Top 10 of the Hot 100 chart in a single year (besting The Beatles record of 11 in 1964), including seven tracks in the Top 10 at one time (beating The Beatles’ five).

Of course, these are different times. Although Billboard has adjusted its methodology to reflect the popularity of songs, The Beatles did not benefit from digital sales and streaming.

Not everyone, therefore, is a fan of Drake’s new tattoo.

Rolling Stone opined it is “either hilarious or tasteless, bold or unbecoming.”

British fan Simon Parsons declared on Twitter: “The Beatles have more number 1 singles, sold more music than anybody in history have more number 1 albums than anybody in history. Still sells millions each year and achieved this without streaming! The only way he’ll beat The Beatles is in his own mind!”

Ontario-based band Transistor tweeted that Drake’s new ink is “narcissistic” and added: “If people remember a Drake song in 50 years we will gladly eat our words.”