'Drunk' Drake Interrupts Jack Harlow Chat On Live TV


Drake, claiming to be drunk, crashed a live TV interview with fellow rapper Jack Harlow during Saturday’s coverage of the Kentucky Derby.

“I was trying to listen to what you guys have got going on,” the Canadian rap star said as he stepped between Harlow and NBC Sports reporter Rutledge Wood. “I just want to hear the conversation. I’m not here to really speak.”

Wood asked Drake how he felt about seeing Harlow being welcomed in his hometown of Louisville.

“It just reminds me of, like, you know, early moments, the same thing I did for a city that, you know, at the time really needed that, um, that energy lift, that recognition,” Drake replied, seemingly referring to Toronto.

“I was referencing, like, my first OVO Fest and, like, you know, I was blessed enough to have two amazing artists come support me and, you know, that just drove me. I had to show up. I’m so proud of this guy and… we’re drunk.”

Drake quickly clarified: “He’s sober. I’m drunk.”

When an off-screen producer tried to wrap up the chat, Drake jokingly snapped: “You can’t give the wrap-it-up signal. What are you going to cut to? … Like, a shot of poorly manicured grass or something?”

Well, not exactly. The director cut to a shot of the famed racetrack’s beautifully manicured grass.

The two rap stars were in Louisville to shoot a video for “Churchill Downs,” the collaboration featured on Harlow’s new album Come Home the Kids Miss You.

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