Ed Sheeran Paid Himself $76k A Day Last Year


Ed Sheeran paid himself the equivalent of $27.8 million CAD as a salary last year – or about $76,000 a day.

(By comparison, that's 679 times more than a minimum wage worker in Ontario makes in an eight-hour day.)

The annual report filed in the UK by the singer’s company shows it raked in $53 million in 2018 and made a profit of $38.6 million before forking over $7.3 million in taxes.

The numbers only reflect Sheeran’s earnings from songwriting, production and recordings – not touring and endorsements. His recently-wrapped two-year Divide Tour (the highest-grossing concert tour ever) brought in a little more than $1 billion.

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“The performance of the company is measured by reference to turnover and the level of artist activity,” reads the report. "Revenue during the year remained stable on the prior year due to the continued exploitation of music recording and songwriting.

“Going forward the company’s turnover is expected to remain strong but it will be dependent on the artist’s continued success.”

Sheeran’s revenues in 2018 were down $6.5 million over the previous year but up $21.1 million from 2016. His company’s net assets were valued at $15.8 million, up $3.2 million from 2017.

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