Ed Sheeran Shows Off Abstract Paintings


Ed Sheeran is the definition of a musical artist.

The British singer took to Instagram late Thursday to show off the results of his latest passion: Art.

“Spent an entire month since tour ended painting, which I’ve never done before,” Sheeran captioned images of himself standing in front of his colourful canvases.

“Had so much fun doing it.”

Sheeran’s pieces of abstract art seem inspired by greats like Jackson Pollock and would undoubtedly command big bucks if they went on the market.

Sheeran hasn’t yet offered any hints about what he’ll do with his paintings. 

“If I’m honest I felt a bit useless once tour had ended, coz singing, writing and gigging is all I’ve ever known,” he explained, “so it’s nice to find a new way to be creative.

“I’d recommend anyone getting a few paints and having a splash around, it’s so fun. Righto - back to hibernation.”

Sheeran wrapped up his two-year Divide Tour at the end of August. With an estimated gross of just over $1 billion CAD, it was the highest-grossing concert tour ever.

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