Fans Go Nuts As The Weeknd Shares Revealing Pics


The Weeknd shocked and stunned his fans on Wednesday by baring something he’s mostly kept hidden – his limbs.

The Canadian singer took to Instagram to share two photos of himself wearing (gasp!) a tank top and (wait for it!) shorts.

“Nobody ever saw Abel with legs and arms until now,” one fan commented. Said another: “I’ve never thought this day would come when I see this much.” 

One person wrote: “I’ve. never. seen. your. Arms. Like. This.” And someone else noted: “I don’t think I've ever seen your upper arms lol.”

“Remember when you used to wear jackets in the hot ass summer? I can’t believe what I’m seeing rn,” reads another comment.

One fan went in for a closer look. “You have arms, legs and toes. I zoomed and confirmed it thrice or more.”

The Weeknd has been spotted in a T-shirt before but these pics (reportedly taken in Bali) are the most exposed the singer has been. One of the photos even shows a dusting of chest hair.

Fans were just as taken by what The Weeknd has down below. “Really the legs are finally here,” one commented. Said another: “My guy got his toes out that’s how you know he big chilling.”

The Weeknd may be inspired to share more revealing photos after soaking up the feedback, which includes praise like “you look amazing” and declarations like “marry me.”

One comment reads: “I’m still staring at this photo for more than 30 minutes now.”

(Now, can we talk about why he’s wearing a Portland jersey instead of one from his hometown Raptors?)

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