Fans Slam Ariana Grande 'Sweetener Tour' Merchandise


Ariana Grande fans are loving her Sweetener Tour performances – but they’re not loving the merchandise.

On social media, some people are mocking the collection of T-shirts that are being peddled at concerts.

One design getting a lot of attention has what appears to be a “stain” in the shape of male genitalia.

“why does ariana’s merch have d**k on it,” reads one tweet. Another tweeted: “ariana really put a d**k stain on her merch and said here u go, that’ll be $100.”

Others are critical of the whole collection. One opined that the merch “looks like it was made by the people who stand outside after a concert to try to sell their homemade t-shirts.”

A fan complained: “This is my first time seeing ariana live and THATS the merch I have to choose from.”

The Sweetener Tour hits Montreal on April 1 and Toronto on April 3. It will stop in Edmonton on April 25 and Vancouver on April 27 – and returns to Toronto on June 26.

Here’s a sample of the reactions: