FINNEAS Shares Song Inspired By Canada's Nick Cordero


FINNEAS on Wednesday premiered “What They’ll Say About Us,” a song he says was partly inspired by the COVID-19 battle of Canadian actor-singer Nick Cordero.

“I was very closely following Nick Cordero’s story on Instagram, via his wife, and Nick and his wife were not people I’d ever met. I don’t know them at all,” the singer told WSJ Magazine. “I saw the headlines about his health, just like everybody else did. I just became incredibly attached to this family that I’d never met before.”

Cordero was hospitalized in late March and suffered a series of COVID-19 complications – including one that required the amputation of his right leg – before he died in July.

“I kind of wrote this song as if you were singing to your loved one who was in a hospital bed while the world was protesting outside,” FINNEAS explained. “I did make a point to keep the song fairly ambiguous because I know everybody’s sort of going through different circumstances of the same things right now.”

FINNEAS, 23, said he wrote “What They’ll Say About Us” on a day he joined a Black Lives Matter protest in June.

He sings: "We've got the time to take the world / And make it better than it ever was / That’s what they'll say about us.”

Check out the song below: