Florida Man Unveils Lars Ulrich Toilet


A Tampa, Florida man who went viral in February after claiming he built a guitar using the skeleton of his late uncle is now getting attention for crafting a toilet in the form of Metallica drummer Lars Ulrich.

Prince Midnight unveiled his creation on Facebook this week. “The Lars toilet. Installed and fully functional,” he wrote. It will be available “for public use” on Dec. 3 at Tampa club The Brass Mug, where Prince Midnight is making his live music debut. “Be there! Hail Lars!”

Prince Midnight, who has been identified as Yaago Anax, previously called himself Odilon Ozare (“I slightly altered my birth name,” he said on a podcast in 2018). He was recognized by the Guinness Book of World Records for having made the tallest hat for having the longest nail extensions.

Ozare has also been accused of being Justin Arnold, frontman for punk band Feral Babies. Arnold famously pranked a Tampa alt-weekly in 2014 with a photo of a two-headed alligator.

Early this year, he pranked media outlets with his “skelecaster,” a working electric guitar he said was made with the bones of an uncle who died in a 1996 motorcycle accident in Greece. (Snopes lists the skeleton guitar as “unproven.”)

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