Glass Tiger Debuts 'This Is Your Life' With PINEO & LOEB, Matt Mays


Eighties pop rock band Glass Tiger has released a fresh new version of “This Is Your Life” crafted by electronic music duo PINEO & LOEB and featuring veteran singer-songwriter Matt Mays.

The original version of the song, included on Glass Tiger’s album 33 last year, has been given a new life by Halifax-based Mitchell Pineo and JR Loeb.

“We originally were asked to do just a remix, but we met with Glass Tiger and pitched them the idea that we would like to do this as a new thing, not just as a derivative of their song,” explained Pineo, in a release. “We wanted to make it into this new project and get other musicians involved. They thought it was a great idea.”

PINEO & LOEB added Mays’ distinctive voice to the track as a nod to Bryan Adams’ vocal contribution to Glass Tiger’s debut hit “Don’t Forget Me (When I’m Gone)” in 1986.

Pineo lauded “This is Your Life" as an "interesting and introspective" song. "It’s them looking back but also looking forward at the same time, which is inspiring,” he said. “Structurally, it’s built with a pop song progression that is reminiscent of their big hits from the 1980s, especially ‘Someday.’ I think it sounds just as good as those older songs.”

Loeb said he and Pineo were thrilled to work with the Canadian music icons. “We are used to working with lots of different people, but we were just blown away at how receptive they were,” he said. “They trusted us and let us take this project in the direction we thought it should go.”

Watch the video for the remix of “This Is Your Life” below:

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