Halsey Claims To Be Studying To Become A Lawyer


Get for the Halsey of justice?

The 25-year-old “Without Me” singer said this week that she is studying to take the bar exam.

In an Instagram post late Monday, Halsey included a photo of Erwin Chemerinsky’s Constitutional Law casebook.

“Law is fun but hard,” she captioned the image.

When someone asked why she was reading the textbook, Halsey replied: “I’m studying for the bar exam!”

In all likelihood, Halsey is joking.

Although California is one of four states that allows wannabe lawyers to take the bar exam without attending law school, they must first apprentice for a practicing lawyer or judge for 18 hours a week for four years and pass two exams.

This year's California bar exams are scheduled for Sept. 9 and 10.

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