Halsey Poem About Abusive Ex Sparks Speculation


A rep for G-Eazy has said it is “irresponsible” to assume he is the subject of a poem in Halsey’s new anthology I Would Leave Me If I Could.

In “Lighthouse,” Halsey details an abusive relationship.

“He would stuff his nose with cocaine / for days on end / until the rims of his nostrils / were caked with white,” she wrote about a man described as “7 feet tall” with dark hair.

Halsey’s poem revealed her lover would “pace the room in circles” and cry while “banging his fist against his forehead.” She added that ”he would put his bleeding hand around my neck” and tell her “'I'm going to f**king kill you.’”

While the pop star does not identify her ex, many fans have speculated she wrote the poem about G-Eazy, whom she dated in 2017 and 2018.

But, the rapper’s publicist told Page Six: “We understand everyone’s desire to continually link them for sensationalist purposes, but she did not name any names, so for anyone to speculate is just irresponsible.”

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