Harry Styles Covers Lizzo's 'Juice,' Pranks Pizza Guy


Harry Styles was trending Wednesday for knocking out a cover of "Juice” and pranking a pizza guy.

The British singer put his twist on Lizzo's hit during a recent appearance on BBC Radio 1.

“I just think she’s amazing,” Styles gushed. “She’s one of the most exciting artists working now for sure. She’s exactly what you want an artist to be, which is themselves.”

Lizzo responded to the love on Twitter with “melts” as well as head-exploding and heart emojis.

Styles’ customized the song by replacing “bitch” with “Mitch” – a shout-out to his guitarist Mitch Rowland – and replaced the name “David” with “Jeffrey” in honour of his manager Jeffrey Azoff.

For his BBC Radio 1 performance, Styles wore the limited edition $99 T-shirt designed with Alessandro Michele and Gucci in support of the Global Fund for Women.

The 25-year-old pop star, whose sophomore album Fine Line debuted last Friday, wore a decidedly different garment for his appearance on an episode of Ellen that aired Wednesday – he donned a “Stay away from toxic people” sweater by artist Magda Archer and designer Marc Jacobs.

Styles told host Ellen DeGeneres how he ended up naked on a poster that comes with the vinyl edition of Fine Line. Turns out, photographer Tim Walker simply talked him out of his clothes.

“He was like, ‘OK, this shirt’s not really working so let’s try it without the shirt,’ and then it was like, ‘these trousers are not really working so let’s try it without the trousers,’” said Styles. “He kind of looked at me and I was like, ‘these [under]pants aren’t working, are they?’ and he’s like, ‘no.’”

Styles didn’t perform on Ellen but took part in a hilarious hidden camera prank involving a young man delivering pizza. Watch it below:

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