Harry Styles Helps Pregnant Fan Reveal Sex Of Baby


Harry Styles stopped his concert in Nashville on Wednesday night to help a pregnant fan in the crowd reveal the sex of her baby.

The young woman held up a sign that read “I’m having a baby pease make it your business” – a wink at lyrics from Styles’ song “Kiwi.” Her friend held a sign asking the singer to open the result she had in a sealed envelope.

Styles hilariously kept everyone in suspense, dragging out the reveal – even pretending to start the next song before sharing the result.

“You know, I revel in these moments because I know everything and you don’t know,” he said, before getting the audience to start a countdown.

Styles then revealed the woman was having “a little baby girl” as the crowd erupted in cheers.

Styles playfully fell to his knees in emotion. “That’s what I wanted,” he told the expectant fan. “Is that what you wanted?”

Listening in on a phone Styles was holding was the father-to-be.

Helping fans reveal the sex of their unborn babies is something Styles has done at many concerts over the past few years, always with his own sense of humour.

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