Here's How The Red Lobster Line In Beyonce's 'Formation' Happened

In this handout photo provided by Parkwood Entertainment, Beyonce performs during the opening night of the Formation World Tour at Marlins Park on April 27, 2016 in Miami, Florida.

Anyone who knows and loves Beyoncé Lemonade is aware of the infamous Red Lobster line in "Formation." 

"If he f**ked me good, I'll take his ass to Red Lobster," Queen Bey chants a couple times on the powerful track. Until now, no one in the public knew exactly what inspired her to say this in her song. Did she randomly think of food while recording in her studio, or nah? Well, thanks to Mike WiLL Made-It, we finally got the answers. **Kanye voice**

In an interview with The New Yorker, the producer spilled the tea lemonade about the popular line. It turns out that Bey was inspired by the Black Beatles AKA Rae Sremmurd. Swae Lee and Jxmmi are credited on "Formation" because of a songwriting freestyle that went down at Coachella. “O.K. ladies, now let’s get in formation,” Lee said in it. Then, in the same session, Jxmmi came up with “If you f**k me good, I’ll take your ass to Margiela.” 

“I’m like, ‘Dog, we got to do that “get in formation” s**t,’” Will said. “That could be a hard song for the ladies. Some woman empowerment s**t. Like, ‘Ladies, let’s get in line, let’s not just fall for anything.’” That's when the producer's partner A Pluss laid a beat over the lyrics.  

Later when Will later ran into Bey in an event and played her the recording, the rest was Lemonade history. She instantly loved it and would soon write verses to complete the song and turn it into the smash it is now. “We were just thinking about it being a female anthem because I knew I just wanted a banger with Beyoncé, like a ‘Single Ladies,’ but I wanted it to be a new kind of chant,” Will recalled. “That’s what makes her Beyoncé. Being able to know what she wants."

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Original article by Isha Thorpe at iHeartRadio