'Homeless Opera Singer' Thanks Cop Who Made Her Viral Star


Emily Zamourka got a chance Wednesday night to thank the police officer who changed her life.

Zamourka is the 52-year-old homeless woman who went viral after the Los Angeles Police Department tweeted video of her singing opera on a subway platform. The clip has been viewed more than 1 million times since it was shared on Sept. 26.

A pair of GoFundMe campaigns set up for Zamourka have so far raised nearly $100,000 combined. On Saturday night, she will sing at an Italian heritage event. And, according to TMZ, producer Joel Diamond is offering Zamourka a recording contract to make a “classical-EDM crossover” album.

Zamourka gave Officer Alex Frazier a warm embrace when they reconnected on Wednesday.

It was Frazier who convinced Zamourka to let him record her singing on Sept. 24. The clip went viral after it was shared on the LAPD Twitter account with the caption: “4 million people call LA home. 4 million stories. 4 million voices … sometimes you just have to stop and listen to one, to hear something beautiful.”

According to the Los Angeles Times, Zamourka – who moved to the U.S. from Russia when she was 24 – found herself homeless and living on $400 a month in government aid after years of health and financial problems.

To earn extra cash, she played violin on the street, and her repertoire included “Hotline Bling” by a certain Canadian rapper.

“I love Drake,” Zamourka told the Times. "That’s what I was playing on the violin. Everybody loved that. ‘You used to call me on the cellphone.’ Everybody loved that.”