INTERVIEW: BBOD On 'Reality Check' EP, Spill Real 'Love & Hip Hop' Tea & More


BBOD (which stands for Bad B**ches On Deck or Bad Beauties On Deck) have been on their grind for a minute. When the group formed six years ago, it originally consisted of four friends. But as time progressed and moves were made, two members remained. We now know these two as Miss Moe Money and Sexxy Lexxy.

Many first discovered BBOD on popular reality TV show “Love & Hip Hop.” When the duo was first introduced through the TV series, viewers of the show immediately got hooked on their storyline. From hearing their catchy songs like "THOT," to seeing their conflicts with certain co-stars of the show, to witnessing their hustle, we always wanted to know more about them. Now, we finally have the chance.

In an interview with iHeartRadio, Miss Moe Money and Sexxy Lexxy tell us everything that’s going on with them now, since they’ve exited the show earlier this year. The two spilled the tea on their upcoming EP Reality Check, revealed why they decided to leave the VH1 show, how their music has evolved, where they see BBOD in the near future, and so much more.

Check out BBOD’s interview with iHeartRadio below.

So I'm really glad to have you guys here. Ever since I saw you guys perform at Webster Hall a couple weeks ago, I was like, "Yo, I have to talk to them and get to know them more." I discovered you guys through "Love and Hip Hop." Tell us exactly how your first started in the industry?

Moe: Well, actually we started rapping [because of] a bet. My cousin bet us that we couldn't make a record. At the time, he was a producer. He had his studio. So he gave us the beat, which was “Doobie Rap.” That was our very first record.

At the time, we were cool with a lot of DJs, from Power 105.1, some of the bigger stations. One of the DJs from [Power 105.1] heard the record. His name is DJ Will. And one day, we were driving in the car, and “Doobie Rap” [was] on the radio. I'm jumping out of the car, "Oh my God, we're on the radio!" It was crazy. So from then on, we didn't stop.

After "Doobie Rap," did you see a future in rapping? Or was it just still about the bet?

Lexxy: No, we saw a future in it once our song went on the radio. It was like, 'Oh, okay. This is going to work.'

Moe: And a lot of people were taking to the record, they enjoyed the music. They were interested in finding out who BBOD was.

Treach is actually a mentor of yours. What words of advice has he given you?

Lexxy: He always tells us, 'Just keep going, [and] to not give up. If there are any issues, handle it. Don't quit.' Even if we have a bad day, we don't have to be the best of friends, we could still work. Just be in your corner, I'll be in my corner. Work and keep it moving. He had to deal with that a lot with his group (Naughty By Nature).

Moe: Don't let people come in between the group. Just like any regular sister and brother -- you're going to go through arguments. I'm with her everyday, all day.

Who are people in this industry that you look up to?

Moe and LexxySalt-N-Pepa is our number 1, BeyoncéNaughty by NatureLil KimDrakeNicki Minaj. We support everybody.

Reality Check EP Album Cover Art

Tell us about the recording process for your new EP Reality Check.

Lexxy: The process was fun. We had a lot of fun on this EP album. It was way more songs that were [recorded], but we had to narrow it down. And it was just hard because all of them were really good. And then we were recording, and we didn't realize we'd be in the studio recording everyday for a whole week. That's how much fun we [were] having.

Moe: We actually recorded almost the entire EP in Atlanta. The work ethic is really dope. It's different from New York. So, we enjoyed it. We had a lot of fun. We worked with a lot of new producers on this EP.

What's the whole vibe of the EP? What are people going to feel when they hear it?

Lexxy: It's a little bit of everything, but it's still kind of like a story that we're telling. We're bringing it back to when it was 4 girls, and the beginning of our career. We're doing much better now. So we bring it back to that, and then it goes up.

Moe: The EP tells a story. It goes from where we were, to everyday situations in your life. Maybe a man you go through heartache with. You're going to the club, now we're on to bigger and better things. We're not really stressing over issues that we had, which we lead to one of our records, “Doing Good Around Here.” It tells a story. Which we didn't even notice until we sat down with a DJ and he was like, "Yo, you realize that your EP is telling a story." And when I listened to it, it was like, "It surely [does]."

With this EP, do you feel like you have something to prove?

Moe: Oh yeah, that's why it's called Reality Check!

Lexxy: I don't think we have to prove anything because we already know what it is. But we're just letting you all know what it is, in case you all don't know what it is. You understand?  The music is going to speak for itself, basically.


Tell me exactly why you decided to leave “Love & Hip Hop” after one season. 

Moe: What people don't know is BBOD were never cast members on “Love & Hip Hop.” Never. We never were signed to a second season. We were actually signed as appearance people. Meaning we might be on a few episodes, here and there, which we actually knew. Our story turned out to be so big that we became, I guess, if you want to say, cast members because we were on the intro and everything. We never even got an opportunity to renegotiate our contract.

Lexxy: They didn't inform us that we were cast members. They never came to us like, "Hey, so listen. You guys are interesting. We want to make you're cast members." It never got to that point. But, whatever, we'll just keep grinding. We're not going to start no trouble.

Moe: We used the show for [a] platform, to have other people that weren’t familiar with BBOD [get] familiar. BBOD is here, and we're here to stay. So, as far as the show, we decided not to go back because we did not like the negative outlook that it gave us.

Lexxy: We appreciate the platform, like she said, because there are millions of viewers. Of course, even the negative, we caught a lot of positive followers, positive new fans, people who love us. But it's too much negativity. To this day, we are not even on season 7 ...Every morning we wake up and we're on a blog. But for “Love & Hip Hop,” not for our music, not for what we doing, it's just the “Love & Hip Hop” episode. They are talking about this, talking about that. Bringing the memes back, bringing the jokes back. You have a new cast, why are you worrying about BBOD?

Moe: They're still talking about us. That's the thing. We want people to focus on BBOD and the music, not BBOD and the reality television, and the things that they edited. You think, "Oh, this is really them!" No girl, you saw me for two seconds on a 45 minute show, and you think you know me, and you don't. So as far as why we didn't go back, we didn't like what it was portraying us to be.

Sexxy Lexxy and Miss Moe Money Pic

You also have your own TV show coming out. Is that right?

Moe: We're not going to spill that...We're working on something, [it's] in the making. You'll see some of the personality from “Love & Hip Hop.” We'll bring some of that, we'll bring some drama.

What can we look for in 2017 from the both of you? What are your goals for next year?

Moe: Our goal is to be on every single red carpet, to be at every single ...

Lexxy: Awards show performing.

Moe: Even presenting awards, we want to tap into the movie world, [the] acting world.

Lexxy: We've already started tapping into that.

Moe: We want to do fashion week. We definitely want to transition into the fashion world. We have our own hair line, so we want to expand that. We're still going to do things that we've done in the past like the CIAA, the South by Southwest. Music things we're still going to tap into. We want to elevate it.

Where do you see BBOD in the next 3 to 5 years?

Lexxy: [In] 3 to 5 years I'm going to be getting a Grammy, and ...

Moe: No, you're already going to have one.

Lexxy: On the big screen. I might be writing some movies. Everything.

Moe: I'm going to be on billboards. I'm going to be on 42nd street. We don't have limits.

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Original article by Isha Thorpe at iHeartRadio