INTERVIEW: Nevada Says Fetty Wap Added 'A Fresh Twist' To 'The Mack'

The Mack - Nevada

From the nostalgic resurgence of the Backstreet Boys to ever-so-popular neck chokers, all the goodness from the '90s is back and as popular as ever. And now, we have one more addition to that growing list, courtesy of Nevada and his debut hit, "The Mack."

"The Mack," which clocks in at roughly three minutes, is an feverish dance cut that samples 1996 gem "Return of the Mack" and even features new vocals from Mark Morrison. It comes at an appropriate time since this year marks the song's 20th year anniversary. In a surprising (but fitting) move, the song also features a guest verse from Fetty Wap. Considering Nevada's interpretation on the globally renowned classic is gaining steam, iHeartRadio spoke with the 24-year-old Stockholm-based DJ about his fresh take in an exclusive Q&A. Take a look below! 


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You’re just four years older than “Return Of The Mack.” Do you remember the first time you heard the classic?

I don't actually remember the first time I heard this song, but I think it may have been on a late night MTV '90s hits hour. 

Where did you get the idea to rework this hit for your very first single?

It was a collaborative effort between my manager Dani and myself. He sent over the song and really inspired me to do a track for it. It didn't take too long to do the track, considering the vocal has so much energy. It all just fell together in a couple of nights at the studio.

"The Mack" features brand-new vocals from Mark Morrison. How did you get him to add a new touch to the track? 

Mark is a talented singer and artist. The new vocals that were performed really shows off how his vocals have progressed over the years but still gives it his classic vintage tone. We knew Mark could deliver. It was just a matter of giving the vocal a revamp and using technology that has progressed 20 years since the original.

Fetty Wap makes a surprising (but fitting) appearance on the track, too. How did he come into the picture?

I guess it was a general conversation that we wanted a big feature artist on the record, but the Capitol team really pushed it through. Nick Rafael did a great job to make it happen and I think it turned out amazing. We are super honored to have Fetty Wap on the song. He brings a fresh twist to the track, and delivered a really catchy vocal. 

What other '90s mega-hit would you like to revamp? 

I'm a big rock fan, so anything AC/DC I love. Thunderstruck could be a cool festival remake. Lots of amazing energy and rock and roll!

"The Mack" is currently available for download on iTunes


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Original article by James Dinh at iHeartRadio