IT'S FRIDAY! Family Strips Down To Dance In Snow


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Dashing through the snow in a one-piece bathing suit has become an annual tradition for Kelly Gilliam.

For the past three years, the North Carolina mom and her family have bared what they dare and braved cold temperatures to show off their best dance moves. This year’s video of the snowy frolic has gone viral since she shared it on Facebook last week.

And why not? Kelly’s husband Sean dons his summer apparel and kicks things off with some impressive dad dancing that culminates with a worm-off with one of his daughters. Meanwhile Kelly and the youngest daughter work some mad flossing skills into their moves.

The Gilliams shot the video – which uses a mix of 2011's "Let's Go" – shortly after their neighbourhood was blanketed with over a foot of snow.

Watch the frigid family fun below:

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