Jeff Ross Honours The Weeknd At 'The Snubbys'


The 63rd Annual Grammy Awards did not take place as scheduled on Sunday night (they were bumped to March 14 due to COVID-19) so music fans had to settle for The Snubbys.

Comedian Jeff Ross, the self-described “Roastmaster General,” hosted a 20-minute streaming special on Live X Live honouring artists that are “deserving but not receiving.”

First up was Canadian singer The Weeknd, who had one of the year’s biggest albums but didn’t get a Grammy nomination.

“He tweeted that the Grammys are corrupt. He demands transparency,” Ross said. “That’s just what we need – one more guy with crazy hair telling us the vote was rigged.”

Ross wondered: “Was it really an honest vote or did The Weeknd do something to really piss off the Grammys? Like, I don’t know piss on a Grammy? Kanye West actually pissed on his Grammy and tweeted it and he still got a f**king nomination!”

(Before Sunday’s show, The Weeknd tweeted: “getting roasted by the ‘roastmaster general’ himself. huge honour!”)

During the show, Ross mentioned how Justin Bieber – who was not snubbed by the Grammys – complained about not being nominated in R&B categories. "It’s weird because R&B has traditionally been known for its white Canadian pop singers,” he joked.

Ross honoured Bieber's ex. "My message to the Recording Academy: How dare you snub Selena Gomez! She’s the best musician to come out of Disney besides Britney, Christina, Miley, Hilary, Demi, Justin, the Jonas Brothers and all seven dwarves.”

He also recognized Bad Bunny, Luke Combs, Machine Gun Kelly, The Chicks and Bob Dylan during the show, which was taped inside a tent in Los Angeles.

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