Jewel Shares Pics Of Tour Bus Damaged By Fire


Singer Jewel took to TikTok this past weekend to share photos of the damage to her tour bus caused by a recent fire.

“We had a full bus fire. Nobody was hurt,” the 48-year-old singer said, recalling that the blaze broke out on an “off day” from a tour with Train and Blue Traveler in the parking lot of a hotel. A front desk clerk called the fire department and the bus driver.

“We saved the vintage guitar and guitar amp,” Jewel added. “All’s well that ends well, but how ’bout this bulls**t?”

The singer did not say when or where the fire broke out but in one photo there are palm trees visible in the background. The tour was in Mountain View, California on July 31 and then went to Washington State, Oregon and Colorado.

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@jewel No one was hurt 🙏 #greenscreenvideo #fire #electricalfire #firefighters ♬ original sound - jewel

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