John Legend Named Neopets Official Ambassador


John Legend is the new face of... Neopets?

The R&B crooner announced that he will be the official ambassador for the virtual pet website and game. On Twitter he posted a video expressing his excitement about joining team Neopets.

"I'm the brand ambassador of the Neopets," he says. "You know the game, it's a classic pets game, and it's long been a favorite in our house, and I can't wait to share the joy and nostalgia with all of you. So stay tuned, we have some amazing adventures together."

Legend's love for Neopets is deeper than some might think. According to internet sleuths, wife Chrissy Teigen has a long-time interest, dating back to her days as a Neopets community member. A 2018 article from Teen Vogue uncovered her past, including a tweet where Teigen discussed just how involved she was.

"I was a comment board moderator," she wrote in 2018. "I won multiple caption contests. I've basically been told to barely move and let my baby grow so f**k it, I'm going back on neopets."

And there you have it. 

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