Joshua Bassett Addresses Sexuality: 'Love Who You Love Shamelessly'


Singer-actor Joshua Bassett addressed speculation about his sexuality on Tuesday after calling Harry Styles “hot” in an interview.

“My entire life people have told me my sexuality,” the 20-year-old wrote in a message he shared on social media. “People have shamed me for things they know nothing about. I want to say thank you to those of you who stand for love and acceptance.

“It’s 2021. We are the generation of love & growth, it’s time we start acting like it. Whether you love me, hate me, or damn me to hell, I love you all the same.”

Bassett concluded by telling his fans: “Love who you love shamelessly. It’s OK to still be figuring out who you are. Life’s too short to let ignorance and hatred win. I choose love.”

He added heart emojis in the colours of the rainbow.

On Instagram, he shared a clip of him singing: “Been going through hell / Need more than survival / If I don't work this out, I'll probably pass it down again / The time for change is now / It’s my life / It’s my life to live.”

Bassett sparked reactions on social media during a Q&A for Clevver News when he said about Styles: “He’s just cool. Like, he’s cool. Who doesn’t think Harry Styles is cool? Also he’s hot, you know. He’s very charming, too. Lots of things.

“I guess this is, um… this is also my coming out video, I guess?”

In addition to starring on High School Musical: The Musical: The Series, Bassett, Bassett released a self-titled EP in March, which included the single “Lie Lie Lie.” It’s believed that his HSM co-star Olivia Rodrigo’s hit “Drivers License” is about Bassett.

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