Kacey Musgraves Extols Benefits Of Hallucinogens


Kacey Musgraves is once again talking about her experimentation with psychedelics.

In an interview for the October issue of Marie Claire, the country star said of acid trips and mushrooms: “They’ve brought me closer to our planet and to humanity. I’ve walked away with a lot of little gifts.”

Musgraves said the same in a Rolling Stone interview last year. “Whenever you are affected by hallucinogens, especially mushrooms, you care for the Earth,” she said. “When you’re, like, tripping, it just floods out.”

The “Space Cowboy’ singer also told Marie Claire about another guilty pleasure, RuPaul’s Drag Race.

“I’ve always felt my best when I basically look like a drag queen,” explained Musgraves. “I love the glitter and the hairspray and the kitsch and the loudness of it all. I also really love when anyone just f**king puts themselves out there.”

Musgraves is clearly not afraid of doing exactly that.

“People are craving truth; they’re craving something real,” she said. “Now more than ever, it’s important that artists of all kinds show exactly who they are.”

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