Katy Perry's 'Backpack Kid' Goes Viral After 'SNL' Performance


If you watched Katy Perry’s performance of “Swish Swish” on Saturday Night Live, there’s no way you missed the skinny boy wearing a backpack and swimming his arms around his hips.

Russell Horner (aka Russell Got Barzz) quickly became a viral sensation and his Instagram following has surged.

The 15-year-old Georgia resident told USA Today that he was invited to be part of Perry’s SNL set when she noticed him on Instagram.

“She … saw that I enjoyed doing what I did, and liked that about me,” he explained. Horner said he’s being doing the move — dubbed “The Russell” – since summer camp in 2014.

So, what’s in the backpack? Horner said it has a bottle of water, a charger, a couple of fidget spinners and earbuds.

“If it's too light it will bounce around too much,” he said.

Horner previously got some famous attention when Rihanna posted one of his videos on social media.

“It was huge, because lots of smaller pages posted it from there, and it went super viral and I got 55K followers in two days,” he told USA Today.

On Instagram, Horner admits he’s not a great dancer and does it for laughs.