KISS Called Out For Using Backing Tracks On Tour


KISS fans attending the first End of the Road Tour shows are complaining on social media about the band’s decision to perform with backing tracks.

Comments and videos from the KISS show in Vancouver last week seem to single out Paul Stanley, 67, for not hiding the vocal trickery well.

“Damn...if you're going to lip sync at least have the brains to stay on mic,” reads one tweet.

Another noted: “Paul Stanley is definitely lip-syncing. His mic is live so he can address the audience whenever,  but he pulls away from the mic early with no sound drop off. So disappointed, but not surprised."

At the 2:24 mark of a clip from the Vancouver show posted to YouTube, Stanley is seen singing into the mic before the vocals are heard.

U.S. radio personality Captain Janks weighed in on Twitter. “IT'S NEVER OK TO CHARGE $200 FOR A TICKET TO SEE @KISS LIVE AND THEY PLAY TRACKS AND LIP SYNC!. I’ll just stay home and listen to the record. If @PaulStanleyLive can't sing live anymore, then call it a day! No shame in that! He had a great run!”

One Vancouver fan echoed that feeling: “I have seen every tour since Animalize but I am sitting this one out... LIP SYNC & BACKING TRACKS is not how I want to remember #KISS.”