Lady A's Charles Kelley Opens Up About Sobriety


Lady A’s Charles Kelley has admitted there are benefits to being sober.

“It’s amazing what not drinking will do," he told Men's Health in an October interview published on Tuesday. "You save yourself, I’m ashamed to say, anywhere from 1,000 to 2,000 calories a day in booze – you’re bound to lose some weight.

“But I look back at pictures from just three months ago. It’s my face, my midsection. I’ve found that it all goes hand in hand. When I’m not drinking, I feel better. So then I work out.”

Lady A announced last August that it was pushing the Request Line tour to 2023 so Kelley could focus on getting sober.

Kelley, 41, told Men’s Health he has tried to stop drinking at least three previous times in six years but “this is the first time I actually put tools in place.”

He added: “It’s my second half of life. I’ve lived 25 years one way, and it was really freaking fun. It was awesome. Now I’ve got this whole second half. All right, that was fun. I did that. Now I’m ready to do this.”

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