Lady Gaga In Musical 'Joker' Sequel? Twitter Reacts


Social media lit up with reactions to a report Monday claiming that Lady Gaga is in “early talks” to join Joaquin Phoenix in a musical sequel to 2019’s award-winning Joker.

According to unnamed sources cited by The Hollywood Reporter, details about Gaga’s character “are being kept under wraps” but it’s possible she would play Harley Quinn.

Fans were quick to have some fun with the rumours.

“Joker 2 getting a theater full of incels and theater kids and combining them into incel-music theater kids will create an unstoppable force that hasn’t been seen since j robert oppenheimer created the atomic bomb, lives will be changed forever,” read one tweet.

Another read: “Joker 2 is gonna try to appeal to incels and theater kids and the sheer ambition of trying to get both audiences to the theater is gonna be a majestic train wreck itself.”

Arin Hanson tweeted: “You know when you’re so exhausted, you’ve been so overstimulated that you’re numb, and you unknowingly stare off into space, and when someone says anything you just absentmindedly shake your head and go ‘…okay…’ That was my response to reading about Joker 2 being a musical.”

Check out some more reactions:

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