Lady Gaga Recalls Advice To Get Nose Job


Lady Gaga, promoting A Star Is Born at TIFF, opened up about being advised to change her look early in her music career.

"I had a record executive suggest I get a nose job," Gaga said, according to The Canadian Press. "(It was) before my first single came out and before we shot the video – and I said no.”

A similar situation is depicted in the film, as Gaga's character Ally recalls times where her dreams of becoming a singer were crushed because her nose was too big. Bradley Cooper's character objects to the idea and ultimately reassures Ally of her beauty.

Gaga also spoke about the struggles she endured to make it.

"(I) was dragging my piano around New York City, banging on every door I could to get a gig," she recalled. "I was even lying, pretending to be my own manager, trying to get the 10 pm slot where it would be the most people at the club as possible."

Gaga said it was important to her that she stayed true to who she is – even after signing a record deal.

"They wanted to give my songs to other girls or girl groups," she said. "They didn't want it to be me. I just held onto my music for dear life."

A Star Is Born hits theatres Oct. 5.