Lewis Capaldi Performs With Nickelback's Chad Kroeger In Vancouver


Lewis Capaldi fans were treated to an unlikely musical pairing Tuesday night at his concert in Vancouver.

“I came to Vancouver and I was like, I want to do a cover while I’m here,” Capaldi told the crowd. “I want to do a cover song of my favourite band from Vancouver and my favourite song from a Canadian artist ever. And if you disagree with me, you’re completely wrong.”

Capaldi named Nickelback’s 2005 hit “Rock Star” as “the greatest song by any Canadian artist.”

With that, Nickelback frontman Chad Kroeger walked on stage with a guitar as the crowd cheered.

Kroeger joked about how many lyrics there are in “Rock Star” and said it would be up to the fans to fill in. “I’m hoping that if we just do this loud enough that even if we f**k it up they’ll just pick up the words,” he told Capaldi.

The pair followed up with Nickelback’s 2001 song “How You Remind Me” – before Kroeger made a suggestion. “You know what we should do? You and I should write a song together. I’d love to do that.”

Capaldi replied “Let’s do it” – but with one condition. “Not as long as ‘Rock Star.’”

Check out fan-shot video clips from inside Doug Mitchell Thunderbird Sports Centre in Vancouver:

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