Lil Nas X Apologizes For 'J Christ' Controversy


Lil Nas X has apologized for his approach to releasing his latest single, "J Christ."

The rapper's long-awaited return, or in this case, resurrection this past Friday was marred with controversy following artwork that depicted him portraying Jesus nailed to a cross. At the time, he defended it saying it was not a mockery of the crucifixion, however, he has now walked it back.

On socials today (January 15), Lil Nas X posted a video repenting for his actions.

“This is not to try to get everybody on my good side or whatnot," he said. "This is more so to clear my head about my own decisions. I know I messed up really bad this time and I can act unbothered all I want but it’s definitely taking a mental toll on me.”

The nearly five-minute video finds him explaining his creative decisions, admitting he knew using religious imagery would cause a stir, but his intentions weren't to get people upset. 

“I didn’t mean to mock," he continues. "This wasn’t a ‘F**k you to you people. F**k you to the Christians.’ It was not that. It was ‘I’m back like Jesus. I’m not the first person to dress up as Jesus. I’m not the first rapper, I’m not the first artist, and I won’t be the last.”

He also apologized for posting a video on TikTok to promote the song that shows him inside a church wearing a Jesus costume and eating communion bread while simultaneously taking shots of wine.

“I thought that was something we all wanted to do as kids and whatnot, but I didn’t understand the reality of how me eating the communion is the symbolism of Jesus’ blood and bones or something like that,” he added. “I did not mean it as a cannibalism thing or whatever the freak. But I do apologize for that. I will say I’m sorry for that. That was overboard.”

He closed the video by declaring peace and saying he intends to do better from now on.

“I was put on this Earth to bring people closer together and promote love. That’s who I am,” he finished. “I’m not an evil demon guy trying to destroy someone’s values. That’s not me.”





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