LISTEN: Blink-182 Shares Timely 'Quarantine'


Blink-182 speaks for all of us in its timely new track: “F**k quarantine.”

In “Quarantine,” Mark Hoppus sings: “Some people hit the bottle / some people hit the books / Some people storm the capitol / some second guess parenthood.”

The song also takes aim at U.S. president Donald Trump’s handling of COVID-19.

“It’ll disappear in April, just like a miracle / We don’t need social distance, we don’t need old people / So throw the shop doors open / Save our economy / We don’t need ICU beds, we don’t need PPE.”

“Quarantine” is the first new song from blink-182 since December’s “Not Another Christmas Song.” The band released the studio album Nine last September.

Hoppus wraps up the track with a pledge to social distance forever. “I’m never shaking hands again,” he sings, “and don’t kiss me on the cheek.”

Listen to “Quarantine” below: (Warning: Contains language some may find offensive.)