LISTEN: Brett Kissel Debuts 'Make A Life, Not A Living'


Canadian country star Brett Kissel ended his social media hiatus Thursday to somewhat ironically sell a new song about non-monetary riches.

On “Make a Life, Not a Living,” the 30-year-old Alberta native sings: “This guy’s got everything he’ll ever need / I don’t need six figures, my bank account bigger / Piles of cash don’t make me richer, naw … Lose every penny, I’d still be winning / I’m trying to make a life, not a living.”

The song is a preview of Kissel’s forthcoming album What Is Life?, which is set for release April 9.

In a series of Instagram Stories, the singer spoke about reconnecting with fans after deleting his social media apps.

“If I’m going to preach the lyrics of the song I want to go out and live it and that’s what I did for the last month,” he explained. "That’s what I’m going to continue to do for the rest of my life.”

Kissel said he is “coming back with more intention and more purpose in everything that I’m going to do, everything that I’m going to say.”

For the new album, Kissel was backed by his touring band instead of Nashville session players.

“I had more fun with the process than with any other album because our only creative outlet was getting to be in the studio,” he recalled in an Instagram post. “I hope that the fun and the laughter comes through in these songs, but I also hope the seriousness can cut through too, as we all felt a lot of gratitude to be recording again, and to be bringing these meaningful songs to life.”

Kissel added: “This new single, and this new album marks the most unique, yet most tricky area of my life. Never have I been more vulnerable. Never have I been more real. Never have I been more raw, open, or honest.”

Listen to “Make a Life, Not a Living” below:

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