LISTEN: Camila Cabello Shares 'Cry For Me'


Camila Cabello gifted fans on Friday with the latest single off her forthcoming album Romance.

“Cry For Me” was written with Ryan Tedder and producers Louis Bell and Toronto’s Frank Dukes.

“I think everyone has felt this at one point or another,” Cabello explained on Twitter, “when your ex moves on faster than you and of course you want them to be happy but just….. not so fast.”

Cabello sings: “When I said I hope you’re happy I didn’t mean it / Never thought you would be so good at moving on / When I’m lying wide awake you’re probably sleeping / And maybe what I’m thinking is wrong / I want you to cry for me, cry for me / Say you’d die for me, die for me.”

“Cry For Me” follows “Shameless” and “Liar,” the first solo singles from Cabello since 2018. She will be the musical guest on the Oct. 12 episode of SNL.

“These songs are basically the story of my life the past couple years and the stories I’ve accumulated,” Cabello explained, in a release. She and Matthew Hussey split in June after more than a year together.

“I knew for a long time I wanted my album to be called Romance because these stories are about falling in love.”

Listen to "Cry For Me" below:

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