LISTEN: Canada's Caribou Debuts 'Home'


Canada’s Caribou (aka Dan Snaith) has debuted “Home,” his first new music in four years.

The track samples a song with the same name by ‘70s R&B/soul singer Gloria Barnes.

“I'm always listening to lots of music and sometimes a loop just jumps out at me – it's too perfect,” explained Snaith, in a release. “That's how it was with Gloria Barnes' 'Home' – I kept returning to it, meaning to do something with it but not knowing what.

“Sometimes making music feels like a process I'm in charge of ... but there are other times when things just present themselves and my job is to follow their lead. It wasn't until the circumstances of someone close to me mirrored the refrain of the original song that the track all came together.”

Snaith said his “Home” seems to resonate with people who hear it.

"We've all had moments when something changes suddenly and catalyses a change in your whole life,” he said. “When you need to go back to something familiar, pick up the pieces and start again.”

Caribou also announced a tour that includes four Canadian dates: March 16 in Hamilton, March 17 in Toronto, March 22 in Ottawa and March 23 in Montreal.

Listen to “Home” below: